“Marc has been a huge and multi-faceted contributor to Build it Green throughout the organization’s entire history and our reputation is where it is today because of him. I use him for his practical technical and strategic consulting and to design, develop and deliver top-notch training curriculums. I can always rely upon him to deliver well organized and well written manuals, handouts, strategic plans, and presentations that are top quality products, are right, and are “ready to go.” Whether on stage as a trainer or in small personal meetings, he also has an ability to effectively reach any audience, whether they are technical or sales professionals, local government officials, or homeowners. I have more confidence in him as a trainer than any other trainer I have worked with in my 30 years of experience managing a wide range of training organizations from non-profits, to state universities, to large corporations such as Hewlett-Packard.”
Janell Jacks, Manager of Professional Training, Build It Green, Oakland, CA

“Marc Richmond is a founding member of Build It Green and is one of the key reasons for BIG’s successes. He is way smart; passionate about teaching green building techniques; and enormously caring about those in the room with him wishing to learn. He is funny, entertaining, but most importantly, knows what he is talking about. He has been in the building trades himself, and knows his material. He is worth listening to. Marc had developed an approach to green building trainings that is of interest to those who are actually doing the building work, as well as those who want to learn it from more of an “armchair” perspective. The Certified Green Building Professional training has been the backbone of Build It Green’s training program. Over 5000 people have taken this course, and it continues to be of interest. Marc can develop trainings of value, and deliver them in a very engaging and value-packed way.
If you need someone to develop specialized trainings in the green building world, and/or deliver any number of green building topics, I would recommend Marc to you without reservation.”
Catherine Merschel, Executive Director, Build It Green, Oakland, CA

“Marc Richmond deserves significant credit for the successful development of both of my businesses- the value of which a thank you could never capture. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him should consider themselves extremely fortunate to have located one of the brightest and most talented consultants available. Demonstrated by the breadth and depth of industry knowledge, Marc is that rare combination of big picture, high-level strategic thinker and an exceptionally adept implementer and technician. The green building industry needs more March Richmonds and I couldn’t offer a higher recommendation.”
Christi Graham, Founder & President, West Coast Green; President & CEO, Healthy Home Plans, LLC

“Marc has been far and away the best consultant I have ever worked with. He is amazingly accessible and responsive and very fair with billing. The best part about Marc is his true desire to work with us to help us succeed in our goals, and having both an extensive formal education in the field of green building plus many years of on-the-job construction experience gives him the tools to help us move down that path.”
Amy Christopherson Bolten, Director of Community Relations/Public Relations, Christopherson Homes, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA

“As a public agency it is imperative that we present clear, practical and credible information to our constituents. When we need accurate and timely information on green building, we contact Marc Richmond. We can rely on Marc to provide us with current yet pragmatic green building information. He provided technical assistance in the updates of our green building guidelines, which were used as models for the statewide versions.”
Wendy Sommer, Senior Project Manager, Green Building in Alameda County and Stopwaste.org (Alameda County Waste Management Authority)

“Marc Richmond’s technical expertise and extensive experience been instrumental in developing all of Build It Green’s technical programs. In addition, Marc is an engaging presenter who has the unique ability to delivers complex technical information in an easy to understand manner to diverse audiences. He has brought tremendous value to our organization and we owe much of our success to his contributions. I don’t know what we would do without him.”
Brian Gitt, Executive Director, Build It Green, Berkeley, CA

“I’ve now had the opportunity to work with Marc Richmond in creating two new municipal green building programs in Northern California. These projects have involved working with a full range of community stakeholders, from small-scale home remodelers to environmental groups to city officials to large scale developers. Marc’s knowledge of the green building industry–and how government agencies, building professionals and consumers can effectively participate in it–continues to impress me. I know of no other green building expert that combines Marc’s grasp of technical issues combined with the practical ability to foster collaboration amongst many diverse stakeholders.”
Grayson James, Principal, Resource Performance Partners, Petaluma, CA

 “You get high praise as an advocate and champion of Green Building and I would strongly recommend your work and contributions to anyone interested in developing green building support materials and programs.”
Bruce Hammond, President, Hammond Fine Homes, and Chapter Chair of the Redwood Empire Chapter U.S. Green Building Council, Santa Rosa, CA

“I want to thank you for training our entire company in the Green Building Certification program. You have given us a context with which to make strong incremental improvements in our building practices, many of which will not cost the client more. Your own construction experience was extremely helpful in explaining these new practices to our production crew.”
Iris Harrell, CEO, Harrell Remodeling, Mountain View, CA

“I want to thank you for being THE most important part of our 2nd Annual Green Building Seminar yesterday – our absolutely awesome speaker. You should have floated out of Park City with green halos galore—you got so many compliments! Thanks for being with us, delivering THE Green Building and sustainability messages and keeping it light, funny, yet have a solid message for our audience.”
Insa Riepen, Executive Director, Recycle Utah Green Building Program, Park City, UT

“The Center on Sustainable Communities was fortunate to involve Marc Richmond early on in the development of our residential green building program. You gave us the needed structure, planning, and community involvement necessary for a successful program.”
Lynnae Hentzen, Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Communities, Des Moines, IA

“Marc possesses knowledge not only of green building techniques, but also a profound understanding of how municipalities operate and accept culture change. His help and guidance has allowed the City of Santa Rosa to grow in a responsible way and begin to meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals.”
Dell Tredinnick, Project Development Manager, Utilities Department, City of Santa Rosa, CA

“Marc Richmond is the ‘go-to guy’ when it comes to Green Building and helping our Northern California municipalities and private sector. His experience and knowledge in the field comes from both the builder’s practical side and from the technical best practices side.
Gary Pugh, President, Alternative Building Concepts, Santa Rosa, CA

“I have found Marc to be a highly knowledgeable consultant, effective trainer and clear writer, who works well in teams or on his own. The experience he has as a program manager, businessman, and green builder himself allows him to bring to his clients a strong understanding of business strategy and marketing, as well as the practical realities of the construction site. He has been great to work with, always reliable, productive on tight deadlines and someone who can think on his feet.”
Mary McLeod, Residential Program Manager, Austin Energy Green Building Program, Austin, TX

“In this field there are few people who have done it all. Marc is a builder, one of the most knowledgeable experts in green construction, and has implemented the first and many of the best city and region market transformation and training programs in North America. The pragmatic knowledge and supremely organized process and practice approach he brings to the world of construction is rarely, if at all, found in one practitioner.”
Bill Reed, President, Integrative Design Collaborative, USGBC Founding Board Member, Boston, MA